Tzfat tour - בשביל הלב

Tzfat tour

Magical mystical musical tour in tzfat

Walk along the ancient alleyways, and hear the stories of Tzfat’s 16th century holy Kabbalists. Learn about The Ari, Yosef Karo, Alkabetz, and Le’cha Dodi and others whose holy works were inspired and written in this ancient city.

Your tour guide is Meir Glaser, a forty year resident, who shares a historical and Torah perspective through words and Klezmer/ Carlebach music. Come with us, and experience Kabbalah, the road to enlightenment that connects the physical world to the world above.

The Path to the Heart is for everyone- families, visitors and tourists, singles or groups. If you are yearning to experience the beauty and holiness of Tzfat ,this tour is for you.

The path to the heart tour is for:

Tzfat tour
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    Two different kinds of tours:

    A musical day tour
    An evening tour with lanterns starting at the Tzfat fortress cave

    Additional attractions
    Visit to a wine tasting
    Visit to a Tzfat cheese store

    What to expect on the tzfat tour:

    A tour guide musician who tells the stories, making the history of Tzfat come alive. You visit the ancient synagogues, the Tzfat tunnels, a 16th century house, a lookout of Northern Israel, artists. You will be inspired to enter into personal worlds waiting to be discovered.

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