Bar Mitzvah in Tzfat 

Is your son having a bar mitzvah soon?
A  bar mitzvah in 
Tzfat is a memorable, heart-stirring event.

The Path of the Heart Center team is at your service to help organize and produce a meaningful and joyous bar mitzvah in Tzfat for your family.

The Joy of a Mitzvah
A Bar Mitzvah in Tzfat

Close your eyes and imagine … a joyous procession of musicians — your family! — playing African drums, bells, shofars and tambourines, acompanying the bar mitzvah boy and his family along the alleyways of the Old City with song and dance to one of the ancient synagogues. A skilled cantor and a sensitive facilitator lead the prayers in the synagoge. Then the great moment arrives: the aliyah and Torah reading — all planned and perfectly coordinated according to your needs and requirements.

The Path of the Heart Center also offers a variety of unique, fun and exciting experiential activities. The Path of the Heart Center’s Bar Mitzvah in Tzfat is a full day event for the whole family and their friends.
The package of Bar mitzvah in Tzfat
  • An enchanted tour with musical accompaniment (Jewish ethnic or traditional) for the whole family through the alleyways of the Old City
  • An optional special street theatre performance
  • A stirring music and poetry performance in the Old City alleyways by Tzfat’s finest musicians, refreshing heart and soul
  • A fascinating experience for the whole family: learning with a scribe to write the holy letters at the Otzar haStam Center.
  • Delicious hearty meals at selected locations — breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • Special requests, and more …
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